1. Orientationtrip & Institutions

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The 2016 trip is organised by the Mondriaan Fund. Participating institutes are the Flanders Arts Institute (since 2007) the Danish Arts Foundation and Pro Helvetia (since 2011).

In 2016, the trip will take place November 2016. The group will visit museums, galleries and meet people active in the field of contemporary art in Armenia and Iran.

The Mondriaan Fund, a cultural organization based in the Netherlands, has been organising orientation trips for art professionals to Asia, Latin America and Africa since 2004. The trips are aimed at exchange and cooperation between visual art professionals. (The Mondriaan Fund is the result of a merger between the Mondriaan Foundation and the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.)

The goal of this orientation travel is to extend international networks and contacts, and to stimulate the international dialogue between art professionals. A selected number of institutions, such as galleries and museums will be visited. With this initiative, the organizations want to contribute to a quality intercultural dialogue, stimulating future exchanges between cultural institutions and individuals in different countries.

The overall aims of the travels are:
• to provide information about the contemporary arts scene in the visited countries;
• to contribute to a better / concrete understanding of local cultural infrastructure;
• to enable the interaction between professionals from cultural institutions in the participating countries and cultural professionals in the visited cities;
• to create a (multi-disciplinary) network for future collaborations between all parties involved;
• to offer a platform for intercultural debate;
• to increase the level of dialogue and communication via future joint ventures.

Previous trips of The Mondriaan Foundation
The first trip (2004) went to the Middle East (Egypt, Jordanian, Lebanon), in 2005 to China (Peking, Guangzhou en Hangzhou). In 2006 the trip let to Senegal (Biennale in Dakar) en South-Africa (Johannesburg en Cape town). In 2007 to Mexico en Curacao and in 2008 to Bangladesh (Dhaka), India (Delhi and Mumbai) and the Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi).

For the trips since 2009 please have a look at our blogs:
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